Five Signs He’s Not That Into You


1. He never talks about himself
A guy that is not really into you would not see any
reason to be open. When we truly love someone we want
to give our all, we are excited about telling it all without
any fear. So girlfriend if your guy isn’t giving you any
detail, he might just not be that into you.

2. He doesn’t want to know more about you
He is not interested in getting to know you. When a guy
truly likes you, he wants to know all about you, he wants
to hear all about your childhood, he wants to know about
your challenges, he is interested in them all. Trust me, if
he is not asking about you, he doesn’t plan on staying
that long.

3. He never calls
There is always an explanation for him not calling, he is
always too busy to call. A guy who truly loves would have
at least 30 seconds of time to spear for the one he loves.
No matter the excuse he gives for never calling, trust me
if he truly loves you he would fine a way to reach you.

4. You never get to meet the important people in his life
When a guy truly loves you he is not just interested in
showing you to the world, but he also wants you to meet
people who are important to him. His family, friends,
pastor etc. He just wants the world to know you are his

5. You are never seen together in public
A guy who does not plan on staying long who never make
the mistake of being seen in public with you. He does
this because he doesn’t want to spoil his chances with his
next victim. Forget about whatever excuse he gives, a guy
who is not proud to show you off to the world is just not
that interested in you.

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